How To Deal With A Difficult Boss Without Losing Your Cool (Or Your Job)

Is your manager making your life miserable? We break down the eight most common habits of difficult bosses, and easy effective strategies to handle them without absolutely losing it.

A lousy boss can make your work life a living hell. After all, a popular saying goes: People don’t leave jobs, they leave managers. Not only do you feel undervalued and unmotivated when your employer is not up to the mark, the stress and distress of working under someone difficult can also lead to health problems — both mentally and physically.

While you may think that packing in is the only course of action you have left, hang tight and try these tips on how to “manage up” first. Before you resign (excuse the pun) yourself to the fact that this is all there is to your career, there are ways you can handle aforementioned boss to improve your situation.

Read on and try these to stay sane — at least until you find your next gig:

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