What No One Tells You About Being A Mummy Blogger In Singapore

For some Singaporeans, blogging can be a good source of side income. But it’s not as simple as writing and posting pictures. There’s a rumour going around that blogging is easy money. With famous mummy blogs like Xiaxue and Leia+Lauren supposedly making thousands of dollars per post, you might think it’s your golden ticket. But while blogging can be a good source of side-income, it’s not as simple as setting up a WordPress site.

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If you think blogging will make you a living, then do try. But brace yourself for the degree of effort and the hidden costs it will require. Blogging is lucrative, but the sacrifices needed are equal to those of most office jobs.

Here’s what you need to know about being a professional mummy blogger in Singapore.

Text: Ryan Ong, Singsaver.com.sg, Singapore’s #1 personal finance comparison site. It compares the best credit cards and personal loans in Singapore, so you can save.