Is Feeling Sexy Empowering For Women? This Intrepid Business Owner Says Yes!

To celebrate two decades of empowerment and our 20th Anniversary, The Weekly in partnership with PANDORA, zooms in on 20 fierce, focused and forward-looking women who and inspiring and encouraging others to reach their full potential. Welcome to 2020 Vision!

Is Feeling Sexy Empowering For Women? This Intrepid Business Owner Says Yes!

The Trendsetter: Elizabeth Tan, 32, Managing Director of Heatwave Shoes

When thinking of fashion, one doesn’t immediately associate lace dresses, mini-skirts and thigh-high boots as empowering. But that’s exactly the myth that Elizabeth, a second generation Singaporean business owner, aims to dispel.

“I want women to remember that fashion is liberating,” she declares. “Historically, clothes serve as a conduit of popular expressions and personal views, be it political or artistic. So, for me, fashion is absolutely about empowerment.”

As Managing Director of Heatwave shoes, a family-owned business started by her father in 2001, Elizabeth wants to spread the message of fashion as empowerment further than it has gone before.

“When a woman wears our shoes, she walks a little more confidently, stands a little taller, struts a little more sexily,” she says. “Can a pair of shoes change someone’s life? Maybe it can’t but a reliable pair of shoes sure can make a woman’s journey towards empowerment more comfortable.”

It is unthinkable that on top of her day job, this mother-of-one also finds time to help others. In her role as co-founder of healthcare non-profit, Sight To Sky, Elizabeth helps to bring mobile clinics that treat conditions like dry eye, conjunctivitis and cataracts to remote Himalayan communities.

“I saw first-hand how much medical attention was lacking when I travelled to Ladakh in 2009,” she recalls. “When I came back, I joined forces with a local NGO to launch medical missions to the region because when you’re in a position of privilege it’s really hard to turn your back on helping others.”

It’s wonderful being a woman because… women are not defined by the roles they play in life, but rather, their life journeys.

Elizabeth took part in a photoshoot with us to showcase some of PANDORA’s latest offerings. Scroll through the gallery below to see what she’s wearing:

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