This Forward-Thinking Doctor Wants To See More Female CEOs In The Boardroom

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This Forward-Thinking Doctor Wants To See More Female CEOs In The Boardroom

The Unifier: Dr June Gohm 50, President of The Singapore Committee of Women’s Organisations (SCWO)

As far as achievements go, becoming a senior consultant in the Singapore General Hospital and the director of Neuroanaesthesia and Neurocritical Care, as well as the President of Singapore Council of Women’s Organisations ranks pretty highly.

In her role with the SCWO, Dr June is instrumental in championing women’s rights in all fields. “We work with women from many different walks of life and they’re all powerful women in their own way,” she enthuses.

“I’ve learnt a lot from them and being a part of the organisation has made me aware of gender issues that I hadn’t previously thought so much about.” One example, she lays out for me has to do with gender disparities.

Having spent much of her working life in the medical field, which the multi-faceted doctor describes as being fairly gender neutral, she was surprised to find that this was not the case in many other industries.

“Female representation in the top levels of management in Singapore is low. We’re lower actually lower than that of China and Malaysia,” she says with concern.

“A lot of work still needs to be done to level that status quo between men and women.” That push for equality is what drives Dr June’s work for the SCWO where she emphasises that it is only through advocacy that women can move forward and get the recognition they deserve.

It’s wonderful being a woman because… we can do anything just as well as the men.

Dr Goh took part in a photoshoot with us to showcase some of PANDORA’s latest offerings. Scroll through the gallery below to see what she’s wearing:

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