16 Stylish Tech Gadgets That Will Make Every Busy Woman’s Life Easier In 2019

Say goodbye to chunky pieces of tech – the latest gadgets and gizmos these days are more compact than ever without compromising on speed and capability. Here are our top picks

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Consider coming home after a long day at work, your mind and body in desperate need for a lie down. Then you remember there’s a party the next day and worse, you’ve promised to bake a cake.

But instead of flipping through a dusty cookbook, you simply ask your digital assistant: “Find a pandan cake recipe on the Internet and put on some relaxing tunes”.

As you gather the ingredients, crisp music from your home stereo fills the house, kicking up your mood a few notches. Before the night is over, your cake is done and a peaceful slumber awaits. So on top of saving time and providing reassurance, tech gadgets are also about freeing up your head space so you can concentrate on the things that truly matter.


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Text: Natalya Molok, Camillia Dass and Elizabeth Liew