Gal Gadot Reveals How She Juggles Pregnancy And Being Wonder Woman At The Same Time


Gal Gadot reveals that she was pregnant with her second daughter when she was filming Justice League and reshoots for Wonder Woman.

She wowed everyone when she first appeared in Batman v Superman in 2016. Then she proved herself again in her standalone movie this year. And now Gal Gadot returns in the greatest superhero team-ups in Justice League.

But other than battling intergalactic aliens and having to stand out in a testosterone-filled, all-male cast, the 32-year-old Israeli actress tells us that her greatest challenge is having to juggle her second pregnancy while on set. Read below an exclusive interview with Gal, where she reveals her thoughts on the movie, her favourite superhero costume in the League, and her best moments in the film (click through the gallery below for the full interview).

Justice League opens on November 16 in cinemas islandwide.

Text: Sean Tan / Interview transcript and movie screen caps: Courtesy of Warner Bros

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