Get To Know The Indian Nurse Who Learnt Hokkien For Her Patients

Every year, The Singapore Women’s Weekly shines the spotlight on 18 outstanding, powerful and high-achieving career women in the Great Women Of Our Time awards. Meet Health, Sports & Wellness nominee, Rujia Ali Shahul Hameed, Nurse Clinician at Tan Tock Seng Hospital:

As a nurse clinician at TTSH’s Department of Continuing and Community Care, Rujia goes to patients’ homes to provide follow-up healthcare in their own environment. Fluently acquiring new languages is hard work, but Rujia, who is Indian by descent, learnt to speak Mandarin and various dialects such as Hokkien, so that she could communicate more effectively with her elderly patients.

“Food and language connect a lot of people. If you can’t connect through food, then language is the next best thing,” says Rujia.

“There are many elderly folks in the community that I’m currently working with and the majority of them understand Hokkien. Being fluent in the language allows me to disseminate key healthcare information to them,” she explains.

Well-loved by her co-workers and patients alike, the warm-hearted caregiver shares how she makes a positive difference to her team and boosts morale by showing them appreciation:

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