18 Ways To Get What You Want In Your Career & Personal Life

Between self-help books, memoirs, inspiring interviews and Pinterest quotes, there’s an awful lot of career advice out there — particularly aimed at women — which, let’s face it, can make it tricky to decipher the useful from the, well, not-so-useful.

In this time-poor era, we’re still facing issues around the gender pay gap and women are largely underrepresented in STEM jobs, despite there being a growing demand for workers in science, technology, engineering and mathematics industries.


Highlights From The Great Women Of Our Time Forum 2019


So, we’re cutting through the clutter and going straight to the top, asking 18 strong, successful and smart Singaporean women to share the career advice that’s stood them in good stead.

Here’s what our cohort of Great Women Of Our Time 2019 nominees had to say:

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