Beat Burnout With Advice From This Brave Changemaker

Feeling burnt out at work or at home? Learn from Great Women Of Our Time Education & Public Service nominee Cheryl Chong how you can handle the roadblocks better

GWOT 2016 Cheryl Chong portrait

Cheryl Chong, 30, Co-founder, The Social Co (50For50)

Like everyone else, Cheryl has her ups and downs in life too. The down-to-earth changemaker keeps it real with how she handles the challenges that come her way:

“When I have a bad day, I tell myself to focus on the end goal, and try not to be bogged down by temporary setback or roadblock – in other words, just suck it up and move on! Or, I treat myself to a hearty meal at KFC.

“When I hit a mental block, I take a break from whatever I’m doing, and play ‘Words With Friends’ on my smart phone.

“When I’m feeling burnt out, I take a step back, slow down a little, and set aside some ‘me-time’. It’s important that the work we do is sustainable – my co-founder, Rebekah, and I constantly support and look out for each other, making sure that neither of us burns out. Oh, and a good sleep or massage at a spa helps too!”

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