Learn How Perseverance Helped This Doctor Overcome Setbacks To Fulfil Her Dreams

Chasing your dreams is never easy, but as the saying goes: Success is getting up just one more time than you fall. Here’s what Dr Sheila Vasoo – Great Women Of Our Time Health, Sports & Wellness nominee – wants us to remember

GWOT 2016 Dr Sheila Vasoo

Dr Sheila Vasoo, 46, Senior Consultant and Rheumatologist, Mt Elizabeth Novena Specialist Centre

“Find your passion: Seek to discover your true interest.

“To fulfil your dreams, don’t be faint-hearted. Pursue your passion wholeheartedly and persevere. There will always be curveballs and obstacles, but stick to it and work through them.

“It’s important to never forget: Never forget where you came from; never forget those who stood by you; never forget that every person and situation placed your way is there for a purpose; and never forget to be thankful.”

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