Smart Ways To Work With Annoying Or Difficult Colleagues

Whether they are bullies, always on MC or plain lazy, here are our tips on how to deal with difficult colleagues at work.

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No matter how much we would like to get along with all of our co-workers, it’s not always possible. It could be due to a personality clash, or perhaps you are bumping heads due to different agendas. Maybe your views about work ethics and life in general are not aligned. Learning how to avoid conflict is crucial to ensure that annoying, toxic or difficult co-workers won’t have an opportunity to worsen the situation.

While it’s too much to expect to be best friends with everyone at work, you should strive to remain on cordial terms with your colleagues. After all, you see them five days a week and your boss might be assessing you on your ability to handle tension and teamwork. We know it’s a trying task, but dealing with difficult co-workers is a skill you can master. Here are some ways to help you manoeuvre around these minefields while keeping your professionalism:

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