Here’s How to Feel Happier At Work Again

While career experts say it's normal to hate your job, it's unhealthy to be unhappy while at work. Here are some tips to fall in love with your job again:

  1. Re-think Your Career Path

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If you feel like you’ve moved beyond your learning curve, try setting new work goals. “Chart out a new career path for yourself for the next one or two years, within the same department or company. The more you have to work towards, the more motivated and excited you will feel in your job,” says Alka Chandiramani, a global mobility specialist and career coach at Alvo Connexions.

Moving up the ranks within your company may not be possible, especially if you’re already in a senior position. If that’s the case, Alka suggests setting goals that can help you move laterally.

“Talk to your boss about transferring to a different department if there are other aspects of the industry you are interested in. You’d have different responsibilities and challenges, and be on a whole new learning curve. These changes will help drive you and get you excited about the job again.”