How Did These Fearless Women Hustle Their Way To Success?

How Did These Fearless Women Hustle Their Way To Success?

Charlotte Lim, 35, Co-Founder of JobTech

Helping you find the best job match fast – that’s what Charlotte aims to do with JobTech, a company she started last year with business partner Ang Wee Tiong.

She shares, “Unemployment is something I’ve always been passionate about since my very first job at the Economic Development Board. I remember back in 2016, Singapore was hit by record unemployment rates and Artificial Intelligence was beginning to make waves in workforce disruption. So when I met Wee Tiong, we talked about how we could use this technology to help people find jobs amidst the gloom.”

JobTech is an artificial intelligence and big data analytics company that provides optimised job matching tools and real-time labour market intelligence. All job-seekers have to do is upload their resume on the JobTech website at no cost and the technology will reveal the day’s top five job openings that best match the individual’s skills.

“Every day we process 1.2 million global job postings to build a dynamic skills map that automatically shortlists the ideal candidates for employers,” says Charlotte. “From there, our cloud-based platforms help companies and employers connect in a manner that is much faster and cheaper than the current traditional recruiting tools that exist.”

In short, JobTech reduces the time it takes to hire a viable candidate and reduces the costs it takes to hire said candidate by generating a shortlist of talents for multiple positions across many sectors.

Charlotte is already looking to launch the next phase of the business by bringing the platform to Indonesia and Malaysia – both of which have huge labour demographics and market opportunities that will elevate the start-up’s profile.