How Did These Fearless Women Hustle Their Way To Success?

How Did These Fearless Women Hustle Their Way To Success?

Judith Knight, 44, Founder of Wings Therapy & Learning Centre

When Judith’s middle child, Jake, was diagnosed with quadriplegic cerebral palsy, epilepsy, global developmental delay, and congenital cataracts, her world came crashing down. But the determined mother-of-three also knew she needed to look for solutions if she wanted to give her son a chance in this world.

“We had amazing support from the doctors here,” she adds, “but there were some unique solutions that weren’t yet available in Singapore.”

Judith plunged headlong into research and travelled the world with Jake, in search of quality therapies. She finally found a form of suit therapy that worked for him.

Wanting to share the knowledge with parents and professionals here, Judith started organising yearly forums and hosting intensive therapy sessions whenever she invited teams from Canada and the US. “They were able to treat eight to nine kids each day,” she says.

Aware that many more kids could benefit from these therapies, Judith set up Wings early this year in the hopes of making previously inaccessible therapies available here.

She highlights, “My experiences in intensive therapy centres overseas were supportive and happy, and that’s why Wings is built like a home! We can make changes to many lives, and I hope that this centre helps to build a more socially inclusive community.”