Want To Advance In Your Career? Become A Better People Person

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Ever looked at somebody super successful and wonder how they got there? Besides qualities like being a hard worker or having healthy life habits, take a look at the relationships they have with people around them. Successful people generally have good people skills, which is something that can be a huge asset in your career, and we’re not just talking about networking which can sometimes be just a means to an end.

Building our emotional intelligence makes us more self-aware and empathetic, improves the way we communicate with others and boosts our confidence too. However, even though practically all of us use our people skills every day, emotional intelligence and social skills are not typically a part of our formal education. We need to know how to listen, convey our intentions, and resolve differences without conflict. But most of us don’t do those very well.

To excel at work, here are 10 essential ways to improve the way we interact with others, especially when we have to deal with challenging people or be in tough situations:

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Text: Joyce Chua