Land Your Dream Job With Agnes Kwek’s Game-Changing Career Tips

Every year, The Singapore Women’s Weekly shines the spotlight on 18 outstanding, powerful and high-achieving career women in the Great Women Of Our Time awards. Meet Design & Style nominee, Agnes Kwek, DesignSingapore Council’s first-ever Design Ambassador:

“I’ve learnt that success has to be what you define for yourself, not what others set for you. I’ve also learnt that the journey matters a lot, in fact, it may matter more than the outcome,” says Agnes, who’s currently based in Paris.

“As a boss and mentor, I spend a lot of time helping my staff to clarify what success looks like to them. Everyone has a different picture of it,” says Agnes, who also spearheaded the Design 2025 master plan as the council’s immediate ex-Executive Director.

“My role is not to set standard or judge them, but to help them understand what it takes to get there, and point out the blind spots or areas for development.”

Over her 17-year career in public service, the mum-of-two learnt to adapt her roles according to her postings across a wide range of content and functions.

“Expect change as the only constant,” she advises, “If life throws you a curved ball, go with the curve and see where it lands.” Here’s Agnes’ advice for women who want to start their careers on the right foot:

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