“Living Green Can Be Simple And Fun!” Meet The Singapore Mum Who Makes Her Own Organic Skincare Products At Home

Introducing Singapore-based blogger, Militza Maury, who founded Little Green Dot and proves that leading a greener, healthier and low-impact lifestyle is easier than you think

Militza enjoys experimenting with different ingredients to create better, healthier products.

The Beauty Of Creating

Green living didn’t come as second nature to her but Militza was determined to learn, investing lots of time researching ingredients and experimenting with different methods, while juggling a job and a family with young children.

“There is nothing more gratifying, fulfilling and inspiring than living the life that you envision for yourself.”

Whipped Body Butter, a rich moisturiser that’s made with just two ingredients – cocoa butter and coconut oil.

“I made it work by focusing on simple recipes that can be created in five minutes or less, using ingredients that most people can find in their kitchen pantry,” she says.

“And if you love the idea of creating a home that’s intentional and peaceful, and a life that’s meaningful and positive to the world, small steps will get you there.”

“Knowing how to make something good, that nourishes your body – it’s a life skill. Even in this modern world of fast convenience, knowing how to care for yourself well and sustainably, to provide safer options for your family is important for anyone,” Militza advises.

“People often think [living green] is a burden or a chore, but there is nothing more gratifying, fulfilling and inspiring than living the life that you envision for yourself.”

Militza’s Green-Living Tips:

1. Curate Your Life
Say no to impulse buys. Buying less not only helps the planet, but also keeps your home from getting overwhelmed with clutter you don’t really need.

2. Create More
Simplifying your life doesn’t mean sacrificing things you really like. You can create so many things at home in minutes, such as bath cleansers or homemade playdough for the kids. It’s a great way to teach them how to be self-reliant and resourceful too.

3. Spend Time Outdoors
Develop a relationship with nature by going outside, especially with kids so that we can create a generation that loves and respects our planet.

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Text: Elizabeth Liew 
Photos: Denica Flesch/Sukkhacitta