How To Make Yourself Stand Out At Work, According To Yvon Bock Of Hegen

In our Meet Your Mentors series, we speak to successful and visionary Great Women of Our Time alumni for career advice and tips on staying on top of our work-game. Yvon Bock, founder and managing director of Hegen and 2016 winner in the Finance & Commerce category, shares how she used her personal experience to build her business empire

After working for several years in her family’s baby product manufacturing business, it was Yvon’s decade-long journey of motherhood and breastfeeding that inspired this innovative mum-of-four to start her own company in 2015, designing a revolutionary line of baby bottles to enhance the nursing experience for mothers.

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This is how she turned her personal experience into a successful brand and business that’s since expanded into countries including China and the Philippines:

Believe every experience is worth something.

“Don’t underestimate the value you bring to the table. Be willing to share and learn from old and new experiences. One of the most important lessons I’ve learnt from working with my father is to always learn from experience – both good and bad ones – and innovate from there. It is only then that we can better ourselves and the business.”

Patience is key.

“It took me and my team a journey of about five years to come up with a solution – a system that is easy to use, and something that is both practical and multifunctional for nursing mums. Through the years I’ve learnt that nothing can be achieved without passion and perseverance.”