Meet 5 Women Who Are Making Waves In The Tech Industry

“We want to help people save money on their homes”

Meet 5 Women Who Are Making Waves In The Tech Industry

Race Wong (left), 34, and Rhonda Wong, 31; Co-Founders of OhMyHome Singapore

Buying a home is no small matter and with the property market in flux it could be one of the most stressful things you do in life. Two sisters are riding out the wave with OhMyHome, an app that connects HDB buyers and tenants directly to potential sellers and landlords, without the need for any agents, to save future home owners some big bucks in the process.

Empowering Buyers: “No matter what industry you’re in there’s always a way to innovate and make things more efficient. We were already involved in the real estate business but when tech became a big thing, we started brainstorming and that’s how OhMyHome was hatched. We realised that there wasn’t a dedicated portal where people could post their HDB sale notices for free and search for homes for free. Up to 82 per cent of Singaporeans live in HDBs, so we wanted to help them save money.”

Savings Galore: “Our app definitely helps makes people’s lives easier. We have over 100,000 people on our database currently and we’ve managed to help people save more than $300,000 in commissions through our agent services alone. The app is free and any transactions made are between buyers and sellers only, but we do provide agent services for a flat fee, which is much less than the agent’s commissioning fee you would have to pay otherwise.”

Users First: “We’ve only been around since 2016 and we’re not making a profit yet but that’s not our goal right now. Our core driving motivation is improving lives. We’re still trying to improve our app, improve our execution and improve our range of services. In fact, OhMyHome is getting a brand new update at the end of May but users will have to re-download the app to enjoy the new benefits. We always ask ourselves if we are making things more efficient for users. We could potentially make a profit from the updated services we add on to our portal but it should never compromise our users. Our users will never be paying for overprices services because the bottom line is that we want to bring them savings and value.”