Would You Take A 70% Pay Cut For Your Dream Job? This Woman Did!

Every year, The Singapore Women’s Weekly shines the spotlight on 18 outstanding, high-achieving working women in the Great Women Of Our Time awards. These inspiring pioneers and game-changers are making an impact in different arenas in Singapore. In this series, we introduce the nominees in this year's awards. Here is the second nominee in the Finance & Commerce category:

Candice Ong, 33, Chief Commercial Officer at ShopBack

There’s determined, then there’s Candice Ong. She left her successful and cushy investment banking career in 2012 to take on regional brand buying for e-commerce platform ZALORA, while getting hit with a 70 per cent pay cut.

“My decision to switch careers came at a time when the e-commerce, technology and start-up industries were not popular at all,” she reveals.

“I took the plunge at a time when people thought ZALORA was still a blogshop and not the fashion conglomerate it is today, and this was just five years ago.”

Seeing friends abroad who were also making huge career switches, ultimately helped Candice to reflect on what she really wanted to do in life.

“I could have gone places in banking but my skill sets would have been limited to finance alone and I wouldn’t have had the learning opportunities I enjoyed by moving into the tech space,” she explains.

The 33-year-old hasn’t looked back since. After developing Zalora’s business into a household name in the region, she left last January to join ShopBack, a home-grown start-up.

Candice has pushed the homegrown e-commerce platform from a Singapore-based team of just three people in 2014 to a regional force of 100 employees today.