Would You Take A 70% Pay Cut For Your Dream Job? This Woman Did!

Every year, The Singapore Women’s Weekly shines the spotlight on 18 outstanding, high-achieving working women in the Great Women Of Our Time awards. These inspiring pioneers and game-changers are making an impact in different arenas in Singapore. In this series, we introduce the nominees in this year's awards. Here is the second nominee in the Finance & Commerce category:

In addition, her tenure as Chief Commercial Officer has seen the company flourish across six nations in Asia in less than three years, and outgrow their No. 1 competitor, Ebates.com, in the region.

“Shopback aims to be the top Southeast Asian player in the space in the next two to three years and it’s my job to grow the company’s profits,” she says.

“I will lead country teams across the region, as well as direct regional marketing and work within the core business management team.”

It’s worth noting that in just her first six months there, Candice drove up growth by 30 per cent. Not bad for a young lady who took a massive risk to achieve her true calling.

Words to live by: “I believe you should never let hiccups get you down.”

Next up: “I’m part of the Government’s Future Corporate Capabilities and Innovation sub-committee, so I hope to foster a more entrepreneurial culture and push for greater innovation in Singapore.”

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