Meet The Trio Revamping The Lives Of Ordinary Singaporean Woman

To celebrate two decades of empowerment and our 20th Anniversary, The Weekly in partnership with PANDORA, zooms in on 20 fierce, focused and forward-looking women who and inspiring and encouraging others to reach their full potential. Welcome to 2020 Vision!

Meet The Trio Revamping The Lives Of Ordinary Singaporean Woman

The Feminists: Trina Liang-Lin; Georgette Tan; and Pia Bruce of The Singapore Committee for UN Women

Trina Liang-Lin, 46, President of the Singapore Committee for UN Women

When it comes to making a difference to the lives of young women and girls every day, Trina Liang-Lin is a phenomenal example. A comforting presence in many diverse boards, the President of the Singapore Committee of UN Women has worked tirelessly to address issues facing the fairer sex such as gender equality, sexism and women’s empowerment.

“I’ve always felt that girls should not have to play second fiddle to boys,” she declares. “Coming from the banking industry, I experienced sexism early on and it was from there that I felt a woman’s voice really needed to be heard in the workplace, which led to the creation of the Financial Women’s Association of Singapore.”

Under her watch at UN Women, Trina counts two milestones as her proudest moments: The role she and her team played in working with the government to implement a mandatory rest day for Foreign Domestic Workers in 2013, as well as putting in place anti-trafficking laws that protects the lives of countless women.

It’s wonderful being a woman because… we are free to make our own choices for example in our education, our job and even choosing a spouse – hard-won situations which we should never take for granted.”