Meghan Markle Had A Secret Blog, Here’s What We Know About It

These days we see Meghan Markle as princess perfection.

She’s the Californian beauty that’s set to marry Prince Harry on May 19 – but many moons ago Miss Markle was a struggling starlet trying to make a name for herself in a little town called Hollywood.

And now we’ve learned that she documented it, anonymously, in a blog known as The Working Actress.

The now-36-year-old described herself as: “I am a working actor. And I don’t have an entourage. Not a star. Not in tabloids.”

Clearly the blog, which she founded in 2010 and closed in 2012, couldn’t be further from her reality today.

Kensington Palace has declined the chance to comment on the site, but The Mail was told by Hollywood actor Lance Carter, “Yeah, it was definitely Meghan who wrote it.”

Another source explained The Working Actress was like therapy for Meghan, but once she found success, she stopped writing the diary as she “no longer wanted to be known as the ‘struggling actress’.”

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