Pan Ling Ling To Her Younger Self: “Life Will Throw You Some Serious Curve Balls”

If you had the opportunity to write to your younger self, what would you say? Six celebrities share heartfelt, honest notes to their younger selves, filled with advice, anecdotes and observations of how they’ve learnt, changed and grown over the years. Welcome to their letters!

This letter is from Pan Ling Ling, who was our October 1999 cover girl.

Pan Ling Ling To Her Younger Self: "Life Will Throw You Some Serious Curve Balls"

Ling Ling,

I’m so happy to see you as a happy woman. You wanted to be an air stewardess but as fate would have it, you’re now an actress instead – it’s all good though, your career is flourishing!

What’s even more exciting right now, is that you’re about to have a baby with that special man in your life.

Motherhood will bring a ton of challenges – there will be times of struggle when you feel exhausted and unappreciated.

Along the way, you’ll shed tears of joy, and you’ll shed tears of heartache. Motherhood is a long journey, but one that you’ll embrace with all your being.

Life will throw you some serious curve balls, but you are a strong, resilient woman.

Even in the toughest of life’s moments, you’ll rise above and find the hidden beauty in its challenges.

No matter what life brings, never allow your environment to change you.

Your grit and determination will take you through the crises in life.

So in times of struggle, keep trying and never give up, for there’s always a solution if you look hard enough.

Love, Ling

Ling Ling was featured for our 20th Anniversary special in the October 2017 issue. Here’s how to recreate her look worn in ‘Glam Squad’, which featured our favourite cover girls over the last two decades: