5 Reasons Why We Love Lerine Yeo AKA S-Hook ZehZeh

Those who run retail businesses exclusively online will totally understand the struggle of trying to promote their products and sell off as much as possible. It ain’t fun, and it sure isn’t easy. Since the online shopping scene is so saturated, finding something unique about your brand, whether it be quirky advertising or niche products, is important if you want to see some dough rolling in. The person who has mastered this is Lerine Yeo, who has found a unique way to advertise their products.

Lerine, now more popularly known as the S-hook ZehZeh, the woman who has gone viral for her insanely funny Facebook livestream to promote new products available on her Facebook page, Misshopper Boutique. Some of her viewers took screen-recordings of her livestreams and re-uploaded them, the livestream with the S-hook shirt garnering 2.1m views on Facebook. SGAG, a content-producing platform specialising in memes, caught wind of this and uploaded the videos to their social media platforms too. Mothership also wrote articles about it. 

Because of all the hype surrounding her, it caught the attention of local celebrity Mark Lee and she has apparently recently signed a two-year contract with Markโ€™s artiste management company. 

What makes this mini Internet celebrity so lovable? Here are some reasons why we love the S-hook ZehZeh Lerine!

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