Body Confidence Tips From Three Superfit Women

When we hit our 30s, our metabolism slows down. But it's important (and possible) to stay fit - we find out how these three superfit mums do it!

Jaymee Ong, TV Host, 36

Fitness Changed My Life Body Confidence Tips From Local Women

TV host Jaymee Ong shares her secrets to a great body, even post-pregnancy

TV personality and AXN’s eBuzz Jaymee Ong loves to get all hot and sweaty. This may have something to do with an active childhood where her Australian mum always told her to “go play outside”.

“My younger sister and I were constantly on the go – skating, riding bikes or running around in the backyard. At school I took part in junior athletics, netball and ballroom dancing, and when I became a model that passion progressed into regular visits to the gym,” shares Jaymee.

Jaymee doesn’t need a personal trainer. She designs her own exercise plan and diligently sticks to it. She is natural and Californian dreamy, not to mention seriously fit. At 36, and just four months after having her second baby (a boy, Harrison), she’s lost 14 kg of pregnancy weight and regained the body of a 20-something dancer, which she tells us is down to yoga and running with her five-year-old daughter Juliet on her bike.

“I was 18 years old when I first tried yoga and after just one class, I fell in love.” 

Yoga is so challenging on so many levels, and there are so many variations to suit the way I’m feeling. I feel grounded and calm after each practice, and it really does not just build physical strength, but internal strength too,” says the Singapore Permanent Resident.

The strict regime hasn’t been without interruptions. “I aim to exercise at least four times a week, but sometimes that’s a bit ambitious with a newborn. I’d do some yoga, follow a DVD by celebrity trainer Tracy Anderson and take the kids out for a walk. Some days I can only manage 20 minutes, other days, an hour and that feels like a bonus,” she says.

What is your secret to a great body?

“Just eat well and move. I’m not super strict with my diet, but I’m balanced. If I’m going out for dinner or craving pizza, I’ll have a salad for lunch. I am a sucker for cheese and wine and my family eats at
Jumbo at least once a month (I love their salted fish fried rice!). I’ll put in a little extra time on the treadmill the next day to compensate for all my indulgence.”

How do you find time to exercise?

“Scheduling it. I try to do it first thing in the morning so it’s out of the way, plus it fuels and energises me for the rest of the day. There are times when Harrison is burbling in his bouncer at the end of my yoga mat, but if I get 20 minutes done, I feel so much better.”

What’s your best workout tip?

“Set realistic time frames and stick with it. If that means 20 minutes three times a week then do that. If you do manage extra then that’s a bonus. Make sure you do something you enjoy, and if you can, get your kids involved. Juliet loves riding her bike alongside me, and Harrison is intrigued with me doing yoga. I think it’s great for kids to understand how important being healthy is.”