Kit Chan Says “Home” Is Where Her Heart Is

Although known for her electrifying performances, the real Kit Chan is as private a person as they come

A total homebody

“I am actually a very shy and introverted person. It might be hard for people to see that because I also appear confident and self-possessed. But they are not mutually exclusive,” she adds. Watching Kit’s body language in the studio that day, we get that. She is by her own admission also a homebody with her cosy apartment here being her favourite hangout, where she binge-watches TV shows on-demand, like Game of Thrones and Westworld, and listens to music, with the likes of Charlie Lim and Melody Gardot as favourites.

There’s also this fiercely private side to her, which she gives out at times with her guarded manner. She has a strict “no-photographs” policy whenever she is not in “work mode”. “I am totally cool with having a conversation or signing an autograph. I just don’t like photographs. It seems to ‘capture’ and ‘possess’ sacred moments of mine, and then they are not mine anymore,” she explains.

A Singaporean at heart, always

She keeps her circle of friends close and comes from a close-knit family with three sisters. But when she’s travelling, it’s the food she misses, “like any true-blue Singaporean! I love spicy food, like Nasi Padang…”, she trails off. There’s almost that dreamy look of love in her eyes. “I think it’s the spiciness in the food here. It’s not the same in other cultures. It’s not that ‘hot’ taste, but chilli. When I was living in Taiwan, I used to be desperate for home food, so after landing I’d head to Tiong Bahru Market for the Nasi Padang. At that time, it was just a row of hawkers and a wet market.”

The wave of nostalgia is cut short by the time. Our time with Kit is up and she has to rush off to another meeting. But before that, she gushes about her new album and the all-Singaporean production team with live studio sessions to boot. “I have never felt as close to my musicians as I did on this album. I feel so fortunate and elated, and I hope people will really like this album.” We have no doubts about that.

Fashion direction: Janice Pidduck / Photos: Joel Low, Kit Chan & The Straits Times / Styling: Shaun Chen / Hair: Nigel Woo/Passion Hair Salon / Makeup: Andy Lee, using Cle de Peau Beaute / Feature Image: Kit in top, skirt & earrings, from CH Carolina Herrera

In our studio: Behind the scenes with Kit Chan