Supermums Share On The Joys Of Motherhood

We've seen them light up our TV screens and social media pages. Here, The Weekly chats with Diana Ser, Cheryl Fox and Amber Yong who reveal parenting truths and what kind of mothers they are

The Truth About Motherhood As Told By Local Celeb Mums Cheryl Fox

Cheryl Fox

TV news presenter, Cheryl Fox, gets all wide-eyed and excited, and even squeals, when she’s around her two kids, Sophia, 6, and Eli, 2, whom she shares with her French husband.

“The love you experience as a mother, for your children and from them, is magical. Hearing them say ‘I love you’ and getting all those hugs and kisses every day, it’s hard to imagine a life without these,” she says.

Who resembles you more?

“I believe kids are made up of the best parts of their parents. I see so much of me in Sophia: The way she talks and expresses herself. She watches my news bulletins and repeats my lines with the exact same intonation – it really cracks me up!”

What’s a day in the life of cheryl fox like?

“I’d be interviewing a president of a country, or spending the evening speaking to a crowd of thousands, or reporting on an event that would rewrite history. But a few hours prior to all that happening, I’m answering questions like ‘How tall is God?’, building the tallest LEGO skyscraper or kissing an ‘ouchie’.”

On payback time

“Right now, the kids get an hour of bedtime stories every night – I’m keeping a log book of all the hours we’re clocking and am looking forward to the day they’d read to me in bed!”

What kind of mum do you think you are?

“My husband calls me ‘Super Maman’, French for ‘Super Mum’, because being a mother has definitely tested the full extent of my strength. I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve been really sick and just shrugged it off because it just got in the way of my day with the kids.”