She Suffered Through Excruciating Period Pain To Bring You This Miracle Product

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She Suffered Through Excruciating Period Pain To Bring You This Miracle Product

The Healer: Tan Peck Ying, 29, Co-Founder of pslove Company

For many women, when that time of the month rolls around, it can turn enthusiastic individuals into irritable Debbie-downers. Peck Ying knows first-hand how periods can make women feel pretty horrible.

“When I was in school, I used to get really bad menstrual cramps. They were so bad that I often felt like fainting,” she confesses. While her discomfort would plague her into adulthood, it also spurred her to create MenstruHeat, a natural pain-relief patch.

The company, which began in 2014, started off as a subscription service but have since streamlined their business to focus on their hero product: MenstruHeat.

“One day, my co-founder bought me an electric heating pad to ease my cramps and it really did help but it was bulky and inconvenient to carry on-the-go as I had to plug it in to get it to heat up,” she confesses. “We adapted that idea when we realised that there was a lack of natural pain relief options for women on the market.”

But ultimately Peck Ying doesn’t want her product to be just about easing period pain. “The bigger picture behind the product is for it to be there when a woman is vulnerable,” Peck Ying explains.

“During that time of the month when a woman feels physically unwell and needs comfort, they can turn to MenstruHeat for support, just like how you would turn to your girlfriends for help.”

As of this year, psLove has expanded its stockist list to include over 500 retail stores like 7-Eleven, Guardian and Watsons.

It’s wonderful being a woman because… our feminine qualities give us the strength to do what we do best.

Peck Ying took part in a photoshoot with us to showcase some of PANDORA’s latest offerings. Scroll through the gallery below to see what she’s wearing:

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