How To Master Self-Confidence In Six Steps

HowTo Master Self-Confidence In Six Steps

Does your subconscious constantly whisper you’re not good enough at work and you will get found out – and soon? Or that your home isn’t nearly as organised or as nice as everyone else’s? Or even that yes, you do look too big in those jeans? That insidious voice is a confidence drain, yet it seems far too many of us aren’t able to dial down its volume or even switch it off completely. It seems like self-confidence can elude the best of us.

Despite outward successes, be it a happy home life, a satisfying career and/or loving – or at least liking – what we see in the mirror, too many women will secretly admit to feeling “not good enough”. So why is the inner mean girl voice getting the better of so many of us?

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It’s a quiet epidemic that clinical hypnotherapist and trainer in neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), a personal development therapy, Dr Vesna Grubacevic treats daily. “We’re simply too hard on ourselves,” she says. “Some women never feel good enough, despite their many achievements, or they strive for an unrealistic or unattainable perfection. Imposter syndrome – the inability to recognise accomplishments and a fear of being exposed as a fraud – is rife.”

Here are six steps to re-gaining your confidence from Dr Grubacevic, so you feel fabulous about yourself again.

Text: Helen Foster,