Feeling More Stressed Than Blessed? Singapore Women Share Their Best Work-Life Balance Tips

In Singapore, women often measure success by how busy or stressed we are. More often than not, many of us will live by the mantra, ‘the busier, the better’ because we think it means we’re being productive.

Throw in being stressed out and always on the go, and you can see why this life we’re setting up for ourselves is unfulfilling and unsustainable. If your days are starting to feel crammed with activity and there’s no space to reflect and take stock, then maybe it’s time to try becoming ‘unbusy’.

What is this? It’s learning to take care of yourself and giving yourself time to prioritise practices like eating well, exercising and getting enough sleep. It’s a difficult concept to wrap our heads around because there’s a sense of underlying privilege associated with taking time for yourself these days.

But being ‘unbusy’ doesn’t mean doing nothing. It simply means taking the time to just be you so you can live a happier and calmer life. Don’t know where to begin? Gain some insight on exactly how to step away from being busy all the time with advice from four women who are living their best life:

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