The 3 Ladies Who Are Reclaiming The Word ‘Lady Boss’ — And Why We Support Them

The word lady boss sometimes conjures up negative associations. For too long, whenever someone mentions that they have a female boss, followup questions include ‘Is she nice?’, ‘Does she make you work overtime?’, or even ‘Is she bossy?’. These assumptions based on gender are getting old. There’s nothing wrong with being a woman at the workplace, and there definitely isn’t something wrong with being a lady boss.

In fact, most of the Great Women of Our Time alumnae are bosses of their own companies, or multinational corporations, and are dynamic, inclusive and successful leaders in their own right.

These are exactly the type of women that The Singapore Women’s Weekly seek out every year as part of the awards, which throws the spotlight on 18 outstanding, high-achieving working women every year in six respective categories: Arts & Media, Public Service & Education, Health, Sports & Wellness, Design & Style, Finance & Commerce and Science & Technology.

The 3 Ladies Who Are Reclaiming The Word 'Lady Boss' — And Why We Support Them

(From left: Agnes Kwek, Goh Ling Ling and Olivia Lee)

Tired of male-concepted marketing, ill-informed products, and poor shopping experience, three women among many others are leading the charge with products and concepts made for women by women. Meet a few of our favorites:

The Great Women Of Our Time Awards 2018 is brought to you by main presenter, Lancôme, and presenter, Pandora.