The One Reason Why You Should Stop Doing Work While On Vacation

Many Singaporeans work even while on vacation, out of fear that they’ll fall behind while out of the office. While this anxiety is very real, the results aren’t always as anticipated. Could it be that working harder can actually set you back, both in terms of health and job performance?

Even with a guaranteed minimum of 7 days of paid annual leave, many Singaporeans are feeling overwhelmed by work. Coping with high expectations and a workaholic culture, about 200 workers lodge complaints with MOM each year regarding “excessive working hours.”


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Even more, about 36 per cent of workers put “more holidays and annual leave” as their top priority at the workplace (excluding pay raises).

Perhaps the biggest issue is that vacations aren’t being fully utilised–if you’re taking shorter breaks and bringing work along with you, you may actually be damaging your work performance in the long-run.

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