Think You Know Rebecca Lim? Think Again! This Good Girl Has A Dark Side

As Rebecca Lim prepares to take on her most challenging role yet in the Asian remake of gritty Scandinavian crime drama, The Bridge, we discover a new side to this homegrown talent


Another character that deserves mention in the series is the Causeway Bridge that links Singapore with its northern neighbour, Malaysia. Its presence in the series is a reminder that the remake is a co-production between the two countries, with scenes shot on locations both here and in Kuala Lumpur.

“Filming took about two months for a 10 episode-drama, which is pretty long but we had so much to film and it was between both countries so it had to be that way. The Singapore leg took about two days, so most of it was shot in Malaysia,” says Rebecca.

“Actually, being one of the only Singaporeans on set helped me get into character in a way because Serena is always by herself and she doesn’t like to mix around with other people. I remember the first week, I was so focused about staying in character that Bront through I was like Serena and found it difficult to talk to me but two weeks later after spending more time getting to know me, he said ‘You’re a little bit crazy, not like Serena at all’.”

Rebecca fondly remembers other instances where the cast and crew would bond over their shared experiences filming The Bridge. “The entire series brought us pretty close together because we were always in a confined space so everybody’s always feeling stuffy and sweaty together. We kind of stank together as well because we all wore jackets to look cooler even though the weather’s so hot,” she recalls.

“Of course, the script infuses certain scenes with lots of tiny jokes between Bront and me. We’re each representing our own countries so there’s friendly banter about which side has the better chilli crab and things like that to give the show more of a local flavour.”