Think You Know Rebecca Lim? Think Again! This Good Girl Has A Dark Side

As Rebecca Lim prepares to take on her most challenging role yet in the Asian remake of gritty Scandinavian crime drama, The Bridge, we discover a new side to this homegrown talent


Speaking of flavour, the co-stars may not have traded any acting tips with each other but they did share something better: Makan places, which Rebecca says is a “very Singaporean-Malaysian thing to do lah!” She added that her Singaporean pride stopped her from trying the chilli crab up north because “ours is the best so no point trying.”

The Bridge will find its home on HBO Asia, allowing Rebecca more exposure for her work on the series. She confesses that she signed on to the drama before she knew that the network had picked it up for regional distribution.

“At the time HBO Asia wasn’t tied to the project, it was just VIU Malaysia so people questioned why I wanted to be part of the show since Singaporeans weren’t going to watch it. I just wanted to do something different for a change but I’m excited that it will now reach a wider audience,” she reveals.


“I think viewers are hungry for intelligent dramas that raise social issues people can relate to.”


“I think it’s every actor’s dream to have their work seen by more people, especially if it’s something that you’re proud of. For people who have already watched the original, I hope you’ll give the Asian remake a chance. It’s a very intelligent drama series and I think viewers are hungry for intelligent scripts that are not only action-packed but also raise social issues that people can relate to like abusive partners, corrupt corporations and inequality.”

Up next, fans can expect more roles that will challenge their notion of who exactly Rebecca Lim is. She’ll start filming Chinese drama, The Good Fight, in December that coincidentally features her in a more physical role as well.

“It’s more martial arts based as opposed to the combat fighting that you’ll see in The Bridge,” she says before adding that, “Zheng Geping, the executive producer, told me he wants me to do all the stunts myself and has challenged me to be able to perform a split by the end of the year. So, I’m stretching every day because practice makes perfect.”

The Bridge premieres on 26 November 2018 on HBO Asia (Starhub Channel 601).

Fashion Direction: Janice Pidduck
Photos: Joel Low, assisted by Alfie Pan
Styling: Shaun Chen
Hair: Dexter Ng, using Kevin Murphy
Makeup: Sam Ong, using Dior
Location: Pasir Panjang Power Station

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