5 Ways To Turn Perfectionism Into A Strength (And Achieve Excellence Without Burning Out)

Have you ever felt overwhelmed and burnt out, overcoming one challenge after another, feeling exhausted from chasing after perfection? But yet you believe in striving for excellence, and you don’t want to give up settling for second best. This same dilemma comes up whenever you are on a major project. Should you expect less so you can achieve more, and be happier?


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We are often so caught up in this frantic rush of being successful and perfect that such pursuits can lead to self-destruction and burnout. You may begin to doubt yourself, so your self-confidence suffers, or push so hard that others find you impossible to keep up with, and damage your work relationships.

Is perfectionism self-destructive? Or is it more about better time, stress and relationship management? Here are the secrets that will turn your perfectionist streak into a strenght and some practical tips to achieve excellence without being burnt-out in the process:

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Text: Karen Tok / Additional reporting: Natalya Molok