Steamed Garouper With Superior Oyster Sauce

Any Chinese New Year banquet would not be complete without a fish dish to symbolise the traditional concept of 'annual abundance'. Serve up this sumptuous garouper dish that's dripping with delicious oyster sauce!


900 g Garouper, whole

150 ml chicken stock

60 g abalone, julienned

Salt, to taste

2-cm ginger, sliced thinly

20 g garlic, chopped

4 g chilli padi, chopped

30 g spring onion, chopped

1 tsp dark soy sauce

30 g corn flour, mixed with 80 ml water

40 g oyster sauce

Cooking oil


1Clean the gutted fish and remove main bones.

2In a sauce pan, add cooking oil, chopped garlic and ginger. Fry till fragrant.

3Add more oil if necessary before adding chilli padi and deglaze with chicken stock.

4Bring it to a boil, add sugar and oyster sauce.

5When the sauce is boiling, add abalone and stir. Switch off the heat and set aside.

6Preheat steamer to 100 C for 20 mins.

7Place fish in steamer for 20 mins.

8Once fish is done, set it aside and bring back sauce to stove.

9Add spring onions and thicken with dissolved cornstarch and add dark soy sauce.

10Plate fish on a dish and pour sauce over to serve.