Refreshing Cheng Tng

Cheng Teng

Versatile for Singapore's both hot and rainy weathers, cheng tng has been a longstanding dessert passed down by generation after generation. Try this recipe to recreate this sweet and refreshing dessert sold at every hawker stall.


Watch the video guide below:


50 g pearl barley

25 g white fungus

20 g lotus seeds

50 g dried longan

80 g ginkgo nuts, ready cooked

6 red dates

4-5 seeds Pang Da Hai

2 pcs dried persimmon, cut into thin slices

Cane sugar, to taste

2 knots pandan leaves

1.8 L water


1Soak white fungus and dried lotus seeds separately in hot water for 10 mins to soften.

2Trim white fungus into small buds and remove the hard stem. Set aside.

3For the lotus seed, remove the pit to prevent the bitter taste.

4Rinse pearl barley and add in 1.8 litres of water. Add the pandan leaf knots and bring to boil.

5Add in white fungus and continue to simmer over low heat for 15 mins.

6Soak Pang Da Hai in warm water until the seeds split open, remove the outer shells and all the stem (you only want the soft jelly substance). Discard water and set aside.

7Add in lotus seeds, dried longan, red dates and ginkgo nuts with pandan leaves and cook another 20 mins until all the ingredients soften.

8Add cane sugar to taste. Turn off heat.

9Before serving, add in Pang Da Hai and dried persimmon.

10Serve either warm or cold.