Gratifying Pork Ribs Rendang

Pork Ribs Rendang

Craving a delightfully spicy dish for dinner? Serve up this easy-to-make rendang dish with a bowl of steaming hot rice – so sedap!


1 packet Dancing Chef Padang Rendang Paste

600 g pork ribs (cut into 8-cm long)

2 stalks lemongrass

5 pcs kaffir lime leaves

1 pc cinnamon (3 cm long)

3 pcs cloves

3 pcs star anise

600 ml water

200 g coconut milk

1 tbsp dessicated coconut (grind into powder)


1Blanch pork ribs in hot water and wash clean.

2Pour dancing chef padang rendang paste, water and all the spices in the pot and put to boil.

3Add in pork ribs, simmer till ribs are almost soft and water reduce to thick sauce.

4Add in coconut milk and dessicated coconut.

5When pork ribs are tender, serve with rice.