Cantonese Jade Flower Chicken

By The Weekly  

February 14, 2018

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This classic Cantonese dish comprises of poached chicken arranged on a plate of ham and vegetables. While it is simple to prepare, the challenge comes from ensuring the strips of meat are almost the same size. Give this traditional favourite a try!


1 whole chicken (about 1.8kg)

60 g dried shiitake mushrooms

100 g Jinhua ham

600 g kailan

800 ml chicken stock

½ tbsp oyster sauce

Salt, to taste

Sugar, to taste

1 tbsp cornstarch


1Rinse the chicken, then place it in a pot with enough water to cover.

2Bring to a boil and cook for 40 mins over low heat.

3Remove the chicken from the pot and place in a bowl. Pour ice water over the chicken – this helps keep the skin intact.

4Debone the chicken and slice into 6 cm-long pieces. Place on a serving platter.

5Soak the mushrooms in hot water, remove the stems and slice thinly into 6 cm-long pieces. Set aside.

6Slice the Jinhua ham to about the same size as the mushrooms. Set aside.

7Trim the ends of the kailan from the stem. Rinse and set aside.

8Place a slice each of Jinhua ham and mushroom between each piece of chicken.

9Pour the chicken stock into a wok. Bring to a boil and add the kailan and blanch for a few minutes. Remove and arrange on the sides of the dish.

10Add the oyster sauce, salt and sugar into the stock. Stir in the cornstarch to thicken the sauce.

11Drizzle the sauce over the chicken and serve hot.

Recipe: Chef Chung Lap Fai/Hua Ting Restaurant at Orchard Hotel / Photo: Mark Cheong/The Straits Times