Ebi & Tamago Sushi Rice Balls

By Sean Tan  ,

January 16, 2018

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These sushi rice balls are great for parties and they are very easy to make!

  • Yields: 4 sushi rice balls


2 hardboiled egg yolks

5 prawns, boiled, deshelled

80 g sushi rice


1Press the egg yolk through the strainer on to a medium round plate.

2Butterfly prawns.

3Take a small palm-sized amount of sushi rice with wet hands and gently press together to make a ball.

4Dip one end of the sushi balls to coat with egg yolk crumbs.

5Place the cut prawn on the coated end of sushi rice ball. Wrap in a cloth or square cling wrap and twist together to form a firm ball. Unwrap and gently remove the sushi ball.

6Place on the serving plate with the prawn on top of the rice ball.

Recipe: Chef Sadao Fujisaki/Allspice Institute