Fatt Choy Mushrooms with Broccoli

Fatt Choy Mushrooms with Broccoli

By Elizabeth Liew  , ,

January 27, 2019

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This is the perfect dish to cook for your daily dinner as it’s filled with the needed nutrients to get you going. Braised in soy and oyster sauce, the mushrooms are cooked to soft and tender. The fatt choy (black moss) also gives the dish an added texture. Simple and easy to cook, this Chinese cuisine is a refreshing change from the meat dishes.


Watch the video guide below:

  • Prep: 20 mins
  • Cook: 45 mins
  • Yields: Serves 8


18 large Chinese dried mushrooms, soaked and do not throw away the water (1 cup)

5-6 whole dried scallops, soaked and do not throw away water (½ cup)

A handful of Fatt Choy, soak for only 2 mins

1 cup chicken stock

2 tsps soy sauce

2 tsps oyster sauce

¼ tsp sugar

2 tsps corn starch, mix with ¼ cup of water

1 head broccoli, cut into small pieces and blanched

Pinch of salt

Pinch of white pepper


1Pour mushroom water, scallop water, and chicken stock into a medium-sized pot.

2Remove stems from mushrooms and add to pot; also crumble scallops with your fingers and add to pot as well. Bring to a boil with soy sauce, oyster sauce, sugar, salt, and white pepper.

3Once liquids come to a boil, reduce heat to medium and allow to simmer for approximately 30 mins OR when you see the liquid reduce by half.

4Once reduced, add the corn starch suspended in water to thicken the sauce.

5Add the fatt choy. As soon as it’s softened, remove from fire.

6In the large pot of boiling water, add your broccoli and blanch for only 1-2 mins. Remove with tongs, strain, and arrange along the edge in a casserole dish.

7Arrange the mushrooms in the middle of the casserole and pour the sauce on top.

8Serve hot.