Fish Maw And Wild Yellow Gold Ear Mushroom Soup

By The Weekly  

November 30, 2018

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This nourishing, collagen-boosting soup uses TCM ingredients that are famous for their beauty-enhancing properties. 


500 ml water

40 g wild yellow gold ear mushroom, soaked overnight. (Remove hard bits of stem and rinse thoroughly)

40 g yuzhu (dried Solomon's seal)

15 g ba xi gu (princess matsutake), rinsed

80 g dried unfried fish maw, rinsed

1 honey date

40 g wild bamboo pith, rinsed (Snip off 0.5 cm of the woody stem end and cut into 2 cm-thick rings)

40 dried wolfberries, rinsed

1 tsp salt


11 litres of water

20 chicken feet, blanched

1 whole chicken breast, blanched

40 g dried black longan meat


1In a large soup pot, bring 4 litres of water to boil. Add the chicken feet and chicken breast. Cover, bring to a boil over medium heat then lower the heat to medium-low. Simmer for an hour and add 2 litres of water. Repeat this for another two hours.

2After four hours, add 1 litre of water and the dried longan meat. Simmer for 30 mins.

3Turn off the heat. Strain the stock, discarding the boiling ingredients. You should have about 2 litres of stock.

4Pour strained stock into a sturdy pot and add 500 ml of water.

5Bring stock to a boil and add the yellow gold ear mushroom, yuzhu, princess matsutake, dried fish maw and honey date. Boil over medium-low heat for one hour.

6Add the wild bamboo pith and boil for 15 mins.

7Add the wolfberries and boil for 3 mins.

8Season with salt. Serve piping hot.

ABOUT THE CHEF: Hedy Khoo is the columnist for The New Paper's HED CHEF which features Asian cuisine and recipes. You can follow Hedy on her Instagram account @hedchefhedykhoo for more of her culinary adventures.

Recipe: Hedy Khoo / Photo: The New Paper