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Kueh lapis is easily among the most popular childhood snacks – for good reason. Peeling off each brightly-coloured layer one by one is undoubtedly enjoyable, even to adults. Many of us have fond memories attached to this Asian dessert, so why not attempt to make it from scratch?

It may look difficult to make because of the multiple layers, but it’s a lot easier than it looks — don’t just take our word for it and try it out for yourself.


  • 200ml water
  • 170g white sugar
  • 3 pandan leaves
  • 200ml coconut milk
  • 125g tapioca flour
  • 50g rice flour
  • 20g sago flour
  • Oil

Pour water into a pan on low heat. Add sugar and pandan leaves and stir till sugar has completely melted and off heat.


Remove pandan leaves and add coconut milk. Mix well and allow mixture to cool completely.


Add tapioca flour, rice flour and sago flour to a bowl and mix well.


Add the liquid mixture to the bowl, one scoop at a time, stirring well with a whisk each time. Continue till all the liquid has been added, and stir till all flour has been incorporated into the liquid mixture.


Strain the final mixture through a sieve to ensure you have a smooth mixture. Portion out the mixture into three equal parts. Add red dye to one part and green dye to another part, leaving the final part uncoloured.


Add two scoops of the uncoloured mixture into an oiled square-shaped glassware, ensuring the surface area is fully covered.


Steam the mixture in the glassware for 4 minutes or until the mixture stiffens. Once done, add a second layer in a different colour and leave to steam till the later stiffens. Repeat the steps till you fill up the glasssware. Let it cool before digging in.

Recipe and text: AsiaOne

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