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If you can’t skip out on the roast pork, but are in the mood for the festivity, a crackling ham is the ultimate fix combining the best of both worlds. It’s prepared with boneless ham rind, roasted to perfection – resulting in a tender and crispy goodness that makes it totally worth the time.


  • 3 kg crackling ham
  • 1 tbsp oil
  • 2 tsps coarse cooking salt

Remove ham packaging and wipe off any excess moisture with paper towel. Place on a rack in a medium baking dish. Stand for 30 mins at room temperature. If you have time, leave uncovered in the fridge overnight before cooking to help the rind dry.


Carefully score across the rind every 5 mm using a small sharp knife. Use the light score marks already on the rind as a guide. Massage the ham with the oil and the salt. Allow to stand for a further 30 mins.


Preheat the oven to 240 C (220 C fan-forced).


Place into the middle of the oven, roast until the skin starts to blister and crackle, rotating the baking dish halfway (60 to 75 mins depending on your oven).


Reduce the temperature to 200 C 
(180 C fan-forced) and cook for 
a further 1 hr or until heated 
through (the internal temperature 

will reach approximately 60 C).


Remove from the oven and, using serrated knife, carve into slices.

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