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Retaining the zesty, refreshing dressing, this one uses the crowd-favourite sashimi to deliver a twist from the classic ceviche. Serve as an appetiser, or enjoy it as a light meal on hot, sluggish afternoons. It’ll help!


  • 2 oranges (480 g)
  • 400 g (12½ ounce) piece sashimi-quality salmon, sliced thinly
  • 175 g (5½ ounces) watercress, trimmed
  • 1 tbsp white wine vinegar
  • 1 tbsp drained baby capers, rinsed
  • 2 tsp finely chopped fresh dill
Segment oranges over a small bowl; reserve ¼ cup orange juice for the dressing.
Make orange and dill dressing by placing vinegar, capers, dill and reserved orange juice in a screw-top jar; shake well.
Combine salmon and half the dressing in a medium bowl; stand for 5 mins.
Place salmon mixture in a large serving bowl with remaining dressing, watercress and orange segments; toss gently to combine. Season to taste.
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