For a light and delicious snack or side, look no further than these barbecue chicken rolls with crisp greens
Makes 12
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Gently enveloped within moistened rice paper sheets, these exquisite rolls cradle a medley of chicken, crisp cucumber and delicate carrot strips.


  • ½ Lebanese cucumber (65 g)
  • ½ medium carrot (60 g)
  • 12 x 17 cm square rice paper sheets
  • 2 tbsps hoisin sauce
  • 1¼ cups (200 g) finely shredded cooked chicken
  • 50 g snow peas, trimmed, sliced thinly

Using vegetable peeler, slice cucumber and carrot into ribbons.


To assemble rolls, place one sheet of rice paper in medium bowl of warm water until just softened; lift sheet carefully from water, placing it on a tea-towel-covered board with a corner point facing towards you.


Place a little of the sauce and chicken vertically along centre of sheet; top with a little of the cucumber, carrot and snow peas.


Fold corner point facing you up over filling; roll rice paper sheet side to side to enclose filling. Repeat with remaining rice paper sheets and filling ingredients.

Download or print the recipe