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Can’t bear to get rid of that delicious crab mac ‘n’ cheese sauce? This easy fix reimagines the creamy, stringy, and cheesy goodness and turns it into a fun and fuss-free snack in a matter of minutes.

This recipe is featured in Nigella Lawson’s new BBC show which focuses on her favourite recipes for home-cooking. Nigella’s Eat, Cook, Repeat, premieres in Singapore on Monday, 16th August at 7.00pm, on StarHub channel 432 and BBC Player.


  • Leftover mac 'n' cheese sauce OR crab mac 'n' cheese sauce
  • 300 ml full-fat milk
  • Unsalted tortilla chips
  • 1 red chilli
  • 1 radish
  • Spring onions

Add milk into leftover mac ‘n’ cheese sauce, stirring, to thin out the mixture.  Tip good unsalted tortilla chips out on a platter, and warm in a low oven around 150 C (130 C fan-forced) while you make the sauce.


Drape the chips with it, then put them back into the oven while you chop a red chilli into rings, and finely slice some radishes; I like to use a mandolin for the radishes to get them almost transparently thin. But if you prefer the idea of finely sliced spring onions, go with that, in which case a knife is all you need.


Sprinkle gaily over the warmed nachos, and watch them disappear almost immediately. Obviously, you can scatter over whatever you want, although I’d guard against adding avocado or anything that will increase rather than offset the richness of the sauce. And I have an inkling that it could be quite glorious as a warm, queso-like dip, chips on the side rather than underneath, though you would need to boost quantities to fill a bowl.

Text: Nigella Lawson

Photo: Fremantle

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