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Now that social gatherings are back in full force, birthday parties are back on the horizon again. Keep this white chocolate crackles recipe at hand if you need something as tasty as they are quick to whip up on a single weekend morning.


  • 1 cup rice bubbles
  • 1 cup coco pops
  • 2 x 35 g tubes mini M&Ms
  • 200 g white chocolate melts, melted

Put 24 paper cases into two 12-hole (1 tbsp/20 ml) mini muffin pans.


Put all the ingredients in a medium bowl; mix them together well with a wooden spoon.


Spoon the mixture into the paper cases. Cover the pans with plastic wrap; put them in the fridge for 10 mins or until the chocolate crackles are set.

TIP You can use dark (semisweet) or milk chocolate melts instead of white.


Download or print the recipe