Grilled Fruit Salad With Coconut Yoghurt

By The Weekly  

March 9, 2018

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Enjoy a nourishing grilled fruit salad with creamy coconut yoghurt for breakfast โ€“ a fresh fruity way to start the day! This recipe is suitable for diabetics.


1 medium pear (230 g), cored, cut into eight wedges

4 medium figs (240 g), halved lengthways

1 medium blood orange (240 g), peeled, cut into 1-cm thick slices

1/3 cup (95 g) coconut yoghurt

3 tsps sunflower seeds, toasted


1Cook pear on a heated lightly oiled grill plate (or grill or barbecue), over medium-high heat, for 4 mins each side or until slightly tender and charred.

2Add figs halfway through cooking time; cook for 2 minutes each side until figs are tender and charred.

3Combine grilled fruit with orange in serving bowls; top with yoghurt and sunflower seeds.

TIP: To cook figs, place a small sheet of baking paper on the grill plate to prevent the figs from sticking. You could also eat this fruit salad fresh without grilling the fruit, for a breakfast on-the-go. Pure coconut yoghurt is dairy-free and is available from health food stores.

Recipe & Photo: The Australian Women's Weekly/